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Sort of a "London Fog" meets "Citrus Creamsicle".

1 cup hot water
1 Earl Grey Tea Bag
2 healthy tbsps bitter orange marmalade
2 tbsp Grapefruit Vanilla Element Shrub
2 tbsp whole milk
Garnish with freshly ground black pepper & a discarded grapefruit twist
Add 1 tea bag to 1 cup of boiling water. Let the tea sit a little longer than you might otherwise if you were just drinking the tea by itself. Remove the tea bag.
Add the marmalade while the water is still warm. Mix until it dissolves.
Add the shrub and the 2 tbsp of milk. Normally, you would boil the milk in a milk punch, but I just put the milk in cold because the water was already hot.
Let it settle for a minute. Pour everything through some kind of fine filter (cheesecloth, coffee filter). I used a non-disposable fine mesh coffee filter. Dispose of the curds.
Put it in the fridge to chill. Or if you can't wait just give it a quick shake with an ice cube.