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This TWO ingredient drink is the perfect showstopper for any party, wedding or event and it is SO easy to make. You can make it with or without booze and it will look exactly the same.


-Butterfly 🦋 Pea Flower Tea
-Lemon Mint Element Shrub & Club®

+/- gin (Optional)
+/- lavender bitters (Optional)

Mix 1/8 tsp of butterfly pea flower tea (you can get this on amazon) with water. Pour 1oz of this tea into a champagne flute. Add ice. (OPTIONAL - Add gin and lavender bitters if you want). Top with Lemon Mint Element Shrub & Club. Garnish with lemon & mint. That's it!
If you are not familiar with the butterfly pea flower tea "phenomenon", it comes from the petals of the flowers of a bright blue plant found throughout South East Asia known as the "butterfly pea". It is completely natural, has no caffeine (read: kid and nighttime friendly), and it changes color when the pH balance of your drink changes.