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APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - organic, with the "mother", made from 100% USA apples.
All of our products are made with 100% Certified Organic (and Certified Kosher) Apple Cider Vinegar containing "the mother". All of the apples used to make the vinegar are grown in the USA.

CANE SUGAR - organic, certified fair trade, certified vegan etc.
We use organic cane sugar that has every certification you could possibly imagine including certified organic, certified fair trade, certified vegan, certified kosher, etc. AND as a bonus - and this is really important to us - is a family run business, just like ours. 

WHOLE, FRESH FRUIT - Non-GMO (at a minimum)
We only use whole, fresh fruit to make our shrubs. No juices, concentrates or extracts. All of the fruit we use is Non-GMO at a minimum. When we can't get Non-GMO fruit, we use organic. 

HERBS & SPICES - 99% organic, fair trade
99% of the herbs and spices we use are certified organic, certified kosher and most are certified fair trade.

All of the colors and flavors that you see in our shrubs are made only with the ingredients listed above. Nothing “natural” or “artificial”. Just REAL, SIMPLE, ingredients, EVERY TIME.