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Lemon mint


What's inside? 4 simple ingredients
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the "mother")
Organic Cane Sugar
Fresh Lemons
Organic Spearmint

Why Lemon & Mint? 
Lemon and Mint pair so wonderfully together.

How should I use it?
This is the hands-down the best "sour mix" you'll ever have. Perfect for Whiskey Sour's, Mint Julep's & Mojito's. Whenever you see "lemon juice" in a cocktail, replace it with this for a more interesting variation. For spirit-free drinks, try it with iced tea, with rosemary. It's also perfect as a salad dressing. 

Plus if you are looking for an easier way to enjoy your ACV in the morning, this is it.

Lemon Mint Shrub.jpg