Lemon Mint Shrub

Lemon Mint Shrub


We call our Lemon Mint Shrub the gateway shrub. It’s easy to imagine what it would taste like and it is probably our most versatile flavor. For cocktails, it is the best sour mix you will ever find. Mixed with ice water, it tastes like a sophisticated "adult" lemonade. With hot water, it will chase any chills away.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Pure Cane Sugar
Organic Lemons
Organic Spearmint

vodka, gin, light (white) rum, dark or aged rum, sparkling wine, tequila, coconut water, coconut cream, nutmeg, orgeat, lemon, soy, ginger, cinnamon, rosemary, mustard, carrots, chicken, pork and more.

If you are new to shrubs, think of our Lemon Mint Shrub this way: 
Any time you would use lemon juice or sour mix in a cocktail, you can replace it with this shrub. For mocktails or cooking, any time you would use lemon juice, you can do replace it with this for a more complex flavor.

Remember though this flavor is much stronger than just lemon juice. For example, if you were going to use a 1oz of lemon juice in a cocktail, try using 1/2oz or 3/4oz of this shrub instead.

Mixing Instructions:
Typically 0.25-0.75oz per drink.
Mocktails / Sodas: Typically 1 part shrub to 5-7 parts seltzer.
Cooking: Replace any acid you are using with this shrub.


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