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With the new year approaching in just a month, we’re expecting plenty of resolutions. As with any year, we’ll see odes to better lifestyles, including more exercise and healthier diets. From our perspective (and the majority of qualified health researchers’) the main factor in an improved diet is consuming products au naturale. This doesn’t just apply to eating, but also to drinking—why choose a rum filled with myriad chemicals you can’t pronounce when small-batch producers around the world are offering all-natural alternatives? In that vein, we’ve put together Poised By Nature, showcasing some of our favorite craft products from small-batch producers in and around the United States. The concoction pairs, among other ingredients listed below, a Vermont honey, a rum from Pittsburgh and an apple cider vinegar shrub from Virginia. We hope you enjoy staying healthy with this fully natural libation! (Also, if you’re curios to learn more about shrubs, we highly suggest reading Shrubs by @michaeldietsch.)
Poised By Nature

2 oz White Rum @maggiesfarmrum
3/4 oz Chai Pear Element Shrub
1/2 oz Raw Vermont Honey Simple Syrup
4 dashes Sarsaparilla Bitters @honestjohnbittersco
1 barspoon Citrus Liqueur @dosspirits

Glassware: Nick & Nora Glass by @rona5starglass

Coaster: White & Gray Stone-Rimmed Coaster by @be_home

Method: Stir with ice and pour into chilled Nick & Nora glass. Express an orange peel over the top. Then, roll the peel symmetrically inward, press each side, and clip the orange “flower” onto the inner rim of the glass.

Creator: Ari Dyckovsky, Owner of @keepitcrafted
Thanks to everyone who has played a part in our journey thus far. We can’t wait to see how much more we can all create together. #keepitcrafted